I remember seeing the track list for Devils and Dust, I was anxious to hear this one. Mainly because I knew Bruce grew up, as I did, in Catholic school (picture above to prove it), so I expected his knowledge on this subject to be legit.  Bruce could have done a lot of things with this song’s structure, but I appreciated that he kept it simple. It’s really not that different than a hymn you would sing in church. There’s not a chorus and melodically, it sort of stays the same.  The last verse is perfection. I remind myself of that verse when I am tense and feel like the world is going insane.

I am normally good at Lent. One year I gave up Facebook. In high school I gave up diet coke and chocolate. This year, I gave up nothing. I kept meaning to come up with something, but always came up short. This post isn’t to preach or to tell you what to believe. It is just my offering on this Good Friday, because I spend my time singing for a lot of people. I sing for you, I sing for Bruce, I sing for Nashville hot shots, I sing for strangers. Today, I wanted to sing for the person who gave me my voice.

I don’t know what I will do when my bathroom, with all it’s awesome acoustics, is finished. I will have no place to record videos.