Greetings from Nashville, where we are supposed to reach the cool temp of 108 today. Good times.

When I started the blog, I had a few songs on a list of songs I didn’t want to or couldn’t do. Born to Run, of course was number one, because really, no one wants to hear Born to Run covered. Then I added Because the Night and Stolen Car since females have already so awesomely covered them.

Except then I got a REAL PIANO in my house and found myself playing around with Because the Night. Just for fun at first, and then I really remembered how much I love the song. Firstly, I am a child of the 90s, so the 10,000 Maniacs version makes me feel like a kid again and brings me back to the sweet time when I wasn’t responsible for anything important like driving or buying my own toilet paper.

This is a killer part of Bruce’s live show, and I was lucky to see him play this once or twice, including the Meadowlands show where I believe Nils did a back-flip for the first time (?). I could be completely wrong there but I like to pretend the Bruce shows I saw were all historic in some fashion.

So then it came down to what lyrics to sing. I used some of Bruce, some of Patti Smiths, because honestly, I’m a girl and Patti’s words apply more to a female singing the song. “I work all day out in the hot sun,” is kind of funny, because I can’t stand to be out in the hot sun for more than 3 seconds at a time. I’m not fooling anyone there.

Lastly, it’s just piano/vocal because to get an orchestra to play on this thing would have cost me a few month’s salary and then some. Oh! And I played piano on it. Nope, I’m not going to blame that piano playing on anyone else. I even left a glitch in the bridge to prove it’s true. I really wanted the recording to sound as if I were playing it for you in my living room, because until now I’ve only played it for my dogs.

Hope you all like it, everyone stay cool!

And Bruce, if you’re reading, I’m planning on one of the Citizen’s Bank Park shows. Just FYI. I’m from PA and the Phillies are my favorite and, let’s be honest, your show there is going to be as spectacular as Chase Utley’s home run at his first at bat the other night. We could do this one: