Sometimes, because of his God given, natural yet supernatural way of performing we can forget about the force that is Bruce, the songwriter.

Almost every day, I sit at the piano and try to create magic. Some days are luckier than others, for sure. But I can’t help but wonder, while I’m sitting at my old upright facing the front window of my house, if Bruce had these moments too. Moments when he was writing and writing, pouring his heart out all the while being unsure it would ever be heard by anyone beside himself.

For You is a masterpiece. I love a song that requires some digging, some actual listening to, to get to the root of it. Too often in popular music we are spoon fed lyrics that mean little to nothing. Too often when I’m writing I find myself more worried about getting to the chorus fast enough for country radio rather than really say what I want to say.

I’ve always taken this song to be about a girl who has problems that are out of her control and the man who loves her for it and through it.  Coming from a girl who’s life can also be seen as one long emergency (although, no where near as bad as the girl’s in the song), this song guts me. This is said to be Bruce’s first attempt at a love song, and I believe he far surpassed that. Yes it’s easy to write love songs about butterflies and sunshine, but a true, deep love is one that is there through the worst of it. Not just the easy days. The days when it’s hard to get out of bed. Days when the bank account is low. The days when you’re mad because your partner lacks the organizational gene. Days when Notre Dame/the Eagles/the Phillies lose.

I’d like to thank my friend’s Kevin and Rachel for their help on this one. I’d also like to tell you that I flubbed a lyric or two. One I flubbed on purpose (it has to do with a medal I also wear) and one was by accident. So, you can find the other one on your own. Consider it a Bridget & Bruce game of Where’s Waldo.


Also, unrelated to the song but just for fun: HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASON! Below are some of my favorite pictures from this time of year.