What an appropriate song for right now.

Is she talking about singing with Bruce, or the Phillies?

This has been one of the most requested songs I’ve had on the blog. I recorded this almost two months ago, and it wasn’t my favorite. The Rising has such great production and miles and miles of sound…this is a simple guitar/vocal. It was vocally challenging to sing and by the end of the session I was spent. I put it on the back burner because I thought my version sounded bare, and vulnerable.

But then I realized, that is exactly what I am.

That’s what we all are at some point, really. Yes, I am counting on a miracle to get to sing with Bruce when he comes here in T-minus 14 days, 5 hours and 46 minutes BUT WHO’S COUNTING. But I also was when I auditioned for the school of music. When I started this blog. And both of those things have been life changing.

Whether it be job success, relationships, friendships, especially as an artist; great, fantastic, wonderful things usually come from vulnerability. I’ve even learned that with this blog, reception is better when I’m honest and open up to all of you. You get nowhere by being afraid.

So here’s my last offering (for now, maybe I’ll try for Hershey if I don’t get to him here. As the wise Charlie Manuel once said, “I ain’t never quit nothin!”)

So Bruce, I AM counting on a miracle.

Good thing I’ve always believed in them.


PS: I survived my 30th birthday and did not turn into a pumpkin. Thanks to my sis-in-law for this pic.

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