atlantic city: play

dancing in the dark: play

fade away: play

if i should fall behind: play

my love will not let you down: play

no surrender: play

paradise: play

play around: play 

secret garden: play

thunder road: play

tougher than the rest: play

used cars: play


It’s crunch time. We are less than 72 hours away from Bruce gracing Nashville with his presence, and while I feel a little anxious, mostly I am feeling thankful. I really feel compelled to share this all with you now, no matter what happens on Thursday night.

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I want to firstly thank God for picking me to be a vessel for the incredible gift of music.

I want to thank Blogness for not turning me away, and being the first and only Springsteen outlet to take me seriously.

I want to thank Gretchen Peters, for always being a mentor and a cheerleader. She’s one of the rare gems in this town who thinks there’s enough success to go around for everyone, and who also taught me that life is about so much more than success.

I want to thank my parents, who were always “meh” on Bruce. “That was more of a Shenandoah thing,” said my dad once. Only about 5% of you readers will understand that. Thanks for Billy Joel, Van Morrison and Neil Young, I got that from you.

Thanks to my fiance, who believes in me more than I believe in myself. Who fronted me money for recording sessions without a second thought. Who would always suggest I “keep putting songs up.” Who chooses to marry a person who has a blog to sing with Springsteen to begin with.

To my friends, especially Erin who in the past week took this to the next level. I appreciate your music business mentality, because I daydreamed through that 101 class in college. And to my friend and first roommate Kristine who took all the pictures and set up the blog for me.

To my voice teacher at Belmont-the other Bruce. Who reads and listens still.

To every one of you who followed me along the way, whether it be from day one or just yesterday. Thank you for all the tweets, retweets, posts on Facebook, emailing Ellen (she must not be a Springsteen fan?) and kind words.

I am thankful for everyone I wouldn’t have known had it not been for this blog. Again, the crew at Blogness. We found interests that go past Springsteen and his music including, but not limited to dogs, football, baseball, tv shows. You guys helped me hang in there when I would get a nasty email. You guys offered me condolences when my grandfathers died and congratulations when I got engaged. And that’s the thing about music, isn’t it? How a group of people moved by an artist can become friends.

Lastly, to Bruce. I don’t know if you saw the blog or not, but I want to thank you for writing the songs that have been a part of the hardest musical process I’ve ever attempted. Thank you for writing music so compelling that it’s worth doing again and again. Thank you for still touring even though most would have hung it up and taken residence on an island somewhere by now if they had even one tenth of the success you had. You get it. Thank you for giving me such a high standard to measure up to.


Dream baby, dream.